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Rule of St. Albert

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Carmelite Constitutions

Part One: The Gift and Charism of the Carmelite Order and Its Basic Characteristics
Part Two: Our Life Together

Approved by the General Chapter - September 1995

Letters from the Pope to the Carmelites

John Paul II

On the Designation of 2001 as a Marian Year (25.III.2001)
On the Occasion of the 750th Anniversary of the Scapular
On the Occasion of the 2001 General Chapter (8/IX/2001)
[to the Bishop of Fiesole] For the VIIth Centenary of the Birth of Carmelite Andrew Corsini (30/XI/2001)
On the 550th Anniversary of the Papal Letter "Cum Nulla" (7/X/2002)

Letters of the Prior General to the Carmelite Family

Joseph Chalmers, O. Carm.

Into the Land of Carmel: Commemorating the 550th Anniversary of the papal bull "Cum Nulla"
Report of the Prior General for the 2001 General Chapter
          Distributed March 2001:  Index to Report | Full Report

          Follow-up Report Distributed September 2001:  Full Report

With Mary the Mother of Jesus: On the Occasion of the 750th Anniversary of the Scapular (16/V/2001)
On the Occasion of the Beatification of Hilary Januszewski, O. Carm, (VI/1999)

Joint Letters of the OCARM-OCD Superiors General To the Carmelite Family Since 1992

John Malley, OCARM - Camilo Maccise, OCD    (1992-1995)
     A Praying Community at the Service of the People
          - on the occasion of the 5th Centenary of the Evangelization of America
            16 July 1992

Camilo Maccise, OCD - Joseph Chalmers, OCARM   (1995-2003)

Back to the Gospel: The Message of St. Thérèse of Lisieux
          - on  the occasion of the Centenary of the Death of
St. Thérèse of Lisieux
            16 July 1992

     A Doctor for the Third Millennium  
          - on the occasion of the Doctorate of
St. Thérèse of Lisieux
            1 October 1997

     Open to God's Future  
          - on the occasion of the 750th anniversary of the approval of the Rule of Carmel by Innocent IV

     Losing to Win: The Journey of St. Teresa Benedict of the Cross (Edith Stein)  
          - on the occasion of her canonization
            9 August 1998

     On the Citation of the Carmelite Rule in Official Documents  
          - 30 January 1999

     Passing Through the Holy Door: As Brothers and Sisters Let Us Enter the New Millennium
          - at the beginning of the Third Millennium
           14 November 1999

     With Mary, the Mother of Jesus (Act 1,14)   -   Link
          - On the occasion of the 750th anniversary of the Carmelite Scapular
            16 May 2001

     So that the World May Believe (John 17:21)   -   Link
          - Eleven Years of Dialogue and Co-operation between the OCARM and OCD:
            Overall Results and Prospects
            Christmas 2002/New Year 2003

Joseph Chalmers, OCARM - Luis Aróstegui, OCD   (2003 - 2007)


Medieval Carmelite Heritage

by Adrian Staring, O. Carm.
Institutum Carmelitanum, Rome

NB Critical English translations of the texts will be posted in the future.

Ratio Institutionis Vitae Carmelitanae (RATIO)

Carmelite Formation: A Journey of Transformation

General Curia of the Carmelite Order
Rome, Italy



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